Friday, 27 May 2016

Uttarakhand: The land of most beautiful Himalayan Peaks!!

Uttarakhand has always been favourite trekking destination to many adventure enthusiasts, and has every right to be so. The Land of Gods is home to many beautiful Himalayan Peaks that inspire the trekkers to go the distance. 

Here are few of the most beautiful Himalayan Peaks in Uttarakhand that will surely capture your imagination during the treks.

1. Mt. Swargarohini (6252 Mt.)

Mt. Swargarohini III, as seen from Har-Ki-Doon Valley.
There are many tough challenges in one's life and Mt. Swargarohini is the one for mountaineers. Swargarohini massif consists of four peaks and Swargarohini I has seen many unsuccessful attempts. 

According to the legends, it is the only way one can go to the heaven with human body itself. 

Treks that offer the view of mighty Swargarohini:

2. Bandarpoonch (6316 mt)

Bandarpoonch Massif consists of two peaks- Bandarpoonch West or White Peak (6102 mt) and Bandarpoonch East (6316 mt). Bandarpoonch literally means "tail of monkey". 

According to the legends, Hanuman (The monkey God) went to it's summit to extinguish his tail which caught fire during a battle against Ravana. 

Treks that offer the view of Bandarpoonch Massif:

3. Kalanag or Black Peak (6387 mt)

Kalanag or Black Peak is the highest mountain of the Saraswati range. Even being the highest peak of Saraswati Mountain Range, it is considered quite an easy climb as compared to it's nearby peaks (Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch). Kalanag literally means "Black Cobra" and the shape justifies it's name.

Treks that offer the view of Kalanag:

4. Trishul (7120 mt)

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that, Trishul is the first ever 7000 mt peak that has recorded a climb. The three peaks of Trishul massif resemble a Trident (Weapon of Lord Shiva). Trishul has attracted trekkers to the Roopkund Lake Trek for ages.

Trek(s) that offer the view of Trishul:

5. Nanda Devi (7816 mt)

The second highest mountain of India, Nanda Devi is highest entirely located in India. Before the actual survey of Himalayas, Nanda Devi was considered as the highest mountain on earth. Due to it's unique shape, Nanda Devi is also considered as one of the most beautiful peaks in the world.

Trek(s) that offer the view of Nanda Devi:
1. Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek.

6. Neelkanth (6596 mt)

This beautiful towering peak carries a strong mythological background. According to the Hindu mythology, initially there was no mountain on the spot where Neelkanth stands today. There was a clear route between Kedarnath and Badrinath. Due to sins of a worshiper, Lord Shiva became displeased with him and stood blocking it's way as a huge mountain, which is said to be modern Neelkanth.

Trek(s) that offer the view of Neelkanth:

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